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In anticipation of their upcoming Biennale, 1.618 are partnering with euronews Living to tell the environmental, social and essentially human stories behind their unique collection of international brands.

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Llamas help Andes peoples survive, but youths are leaving

Stormy winds, frosty nights and a scorching midday sun make life difficult on the Andean plateau, but the docile, tough-natured llama is one reason why indigenous people have been able to survive the harsh conditions for millennia.

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Alpacas give the gift of versatility

Kathy and Mike Fleming started Mustang Creek Alpaca Company, located in Mustang, Oklahoma, in 2010. Kathy is a knitting and crocheting enthusiast and the alpaca business became an instant fit for her.

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Beyond Australian wool, where are the sheep of the fashion industry?

Australia, which produces 88% of the wool consumed by the fashion industry, is suffering the consequences of an unprecedent drought that is severely affecting pastures.

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